I help my clients live better lives
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I have been a licensed and practicing Psychologist in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. My primary focus is in two general areas: 1) Child, Adolescent and Family issues, and 2) Adults, especially with relationship issues and dysfunctions.


Therapy is a process based upon a relationship between you and me.  In this context, you will have a safe and respectful place to work toward improving your life.  My goal is to help you with specific unresolved issues or problems to help you to change and redirect your life for the better.


I combine a supportive therapeutic relationship with understanding and a realistic means of addressing problems and finding solutions. My approach to psychotherapy is very practical and my style is interactive. I integrate an understanding of the past, particularly if there is a history of trauma, to make and implement a plan for addressing the present and the future.


As a therapist, I see myself as an experienced guide in a journey my clients are engaged in taking. This journey can be very challenging at times yet is often very fulfilling and life changing. I help my clients live better lives.


How Can I Work With Both Kids and Adults?

Throughout my training and career I have always balanced my work with adults with my work with children and teens. Even when working in children’s clinics or hospitals I always worked with adults in my private psychotherapy practice in Los Angeles. Through my experience working with adults and children,  I moved into working with parents and with couples..