Kids at Risk Program


We are seeing many children and teens who may have been recently expelled, arrested, hospitalized or traumatized. Should these situations occur, parents need access to a broad range of assessment and support services in order to address the problem and prevent such incidents in the future. There are few outpatient programs that fully address the needs of these children and their families.


The Kids at Risk Rapid Response Program fulfills a need for immediate assessment and intervention to support children and their families in times of crisis. With a team in place we are able to assess the problems that may have precipitated a crisis and provide immediate intervention.


Some of the issues we address include,

  • Failing grades
  • School expulsion
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Drugs and alcohol usage
  • Behavioral & social problems
  • Family problems
  • Learning Differences
  • Traumatic experiences

We support parents by providing therapy services, providing information about special education resources and support, and helping organize and manage the necessary programs. The K3RP team includes neuro-psychologists (who provide testing), psychiatrists (who provide medication evaluations as needed) and educational psychologists (who provide academic assessment and possible placement).


I coordinate the program, conduct the initial assessment and determine what additional services may be required. I am available to take your calls and emails with any questions or to learn more about our program.