Adult Therapy: Relationship Issues, Dysfunctions, Therapy for Depression


As a Psychologist in Los Angeles, I work with individuals struggling with many different problems and issues, ranging from problems at work to questioning one’s commitment to a relationship to long-standing personality issues and major depression…with a multitude of issues in between. Some of my clients think of me as a relationship psychologist.


Therapy is about change, it is about conflict, it is about emotion, and it is about our relationships. People who seek therapy may feel stuck in their relationships, their jobs, or their lives in general. They may have great difficulty coping with their families, friends and partners.


The result may be behaviors and symptoms relating to stress, depression, anxiety, or a whole new set of behaviors. Because of how one is feeling and coping, drugs and alcohol may be involved as well as significant symptoms of depression such as hopelessness and thoughts of suicide.


Certainly motivation to change is an important variable, but the therapist assists in stimulating this.  As a trustworthy and ethical professional, the therapist can help you to get where you want to be in your life. This journey is about the past, present and the future, and it can be difficult, painful and sorrowful at times. However the journey can also be illuminating, exciting and fulfilling!


Often, when individuals are struggling,  their perspective of people, relationships and situations in their life can be affected.  People may find themselves highly sensitive to these perceptions, and this may lead to cycles of behaviors that may negatively impact their lives. Sometimes previous or ongoing trauma seriously impacts how individuals think, cope and feel about themselves. The psychotherapy I provide, works in looking at, understanding and changing those perceptions, and providing skills necessary for a new and different communication and means of relating. The benefit of therapy may involve the decrease of depressive and anxious feelings and symptoms, being no longer afraid or angry or better able to cope with a family problem.


Becoming and being depressed can be devastating and as significant as dealing with a serious physical illness. Depression can involve a constellation of symptoms and behavior manifestations that can be incapacitating. Therapy for depression can include a multitude of approaches including diet, exercise, and when appropriate, medications.  Often, it is a combination of some or all these, that helps the client get better.


My orientation is eclectic, and I employ a combination of approaches in my work, such as Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral and Attachment Theory. This combination is a synthesis of my training and practice over the years as I have developed my own style. I am interactive and active in my approach, which is helpful for life transitions, career and work problems, and family/relationship dysfunction.


For more about adult therapy, see the frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Scott Harris, Ph.D. is a Los Angeles relationship Psychologist who provides therapy for adults with many issues as well as therapy for depression.