About Scott Harris, Ph.D.

I think being a Psychologist and practicing psychotherapy in Los Angeles is one of the greatest professions in the world. It is a way to help people using my heart, soul, as well as my emotions and intellect. I have always fancied myself as a Sherlock Holmes of Psychotherapy whereby a client’s problems can be a mystery that requires careful handling, understanding, much thought, and deductive and inductive reasoning.  However, even when the mystery is solved, the job is not over because the therapist will also help the client to heal the pain the conflict has caused.


I became a psychologist because I always liked working with people. I was a camp counselor for many years and was introduced to psychology by shadowing a psychologist at the University of Illinois where my mother worked as a speech pathologist. I really liked helping and trying to figure things out that were not working well.


I deeply care about and take an interest in my clients. My psychotherapy clients in Los Angeles find that I am a good listener who works very hard to understand the problem or issue that they are experiencing.


Background and Education

I graduated from the University of Michigan with my BA in Psychology. I received a Master’s in Human Development from the University of Chicago and a Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, now known as Alliant University.


I have worked as a therapist, supervisor and director. My internship was at the St. John’s Medical Center where I worked with children and adult outpatients as well as adult inpatients.

I moved to Los Angeles from Chicago, to attend the California School of Professional Psychology.


My first job out of grad school was working for the Help Group as a staff psychologist. I have also worked for a Children’s Hospital of San Francisco and Centinela Child Guidance Clinic as the Chief Psychologist and was a therapist and supervisors at two college health care clinics.  I found Los Angeles such a vibrant place to live and work, I decided to stay here and make my career as an Adult and Child Psychologist here.


I was a Founder and Co-Director of the Center for Behavioral Healthcare and have worked as a psychologist consultant to a number of businesses and organizations in the Los Angeles area.


Why Choose Me for Therapy?

I believe I have a number of unique qualities that help make me a very effective therapist and psychologist. I am active and interactive with my clients and caring, while respectful and sensitive to needs and boundaries.

  1. Responsiveness: I am very committed to taking phone calls at the time they come in if at all possible, yet I make sure these do not interrupt client sessions. When I can’t take a call, I call clients back as soon as I am free. Urgent calls get a very fast response.
  2. Experience: I have been licensed and practicing psychology for over 20 years. I have worked in a number of clinical settings and organizations with a variety of kinds of clients. I have seen clients in the hospital, clinic, school, workplace or private office.
  3. Highly Trained & Knowledgeable: I excelled in college, graduate school and clinical training  programs. I have two Masters Degrees and a Doctorate and have written three self-help books. I have been on committees for the Medical Board and State Bar and have taught in several graduate programs.

    I am currently writing a fourth book, this one on teens for teens that will be a sequel to When Growing Up Hurts Too Much.
  4. Understanding: My clients feel that I show a deep understanding of human behavior. I am trustworthy but not gullible, and have an abiding sense of awe and humility as I earn my clients’ trust and understand their experience.
  5. Being Present: I attempt to connect with clients in the moment so that I can truly comprehend how they are doing and feeling.
  6. Agility: Clients feel that I flexibly respond to their individual needs. I will play games with children on the floor of my office, and when invited, have attended soccer games of my teenage clients to advance the work we are doing together.
  7. Reassuring and Supportive: This is an extremely important aspect of building therapeutic trust.
  8. Available and Consistent: My clients know that I am available and responsive to them. I am particularly responsive in times of crisis or conflict.
  9. Resourceful: I am well connected to other professionals and organizations to help my clients. When necessary, I know who to turn to when looking for a specific school, physician, drug program, tutoring organization, etc., and I make the appropriate referrals in consultation with my clients.
  10. Confident: I remain confident about what I do, to actively support my clients and demonstrate that I can help my clients attain better lives.


Scott Harris, Ph.D. is a Los Angeles Psychologist who provides caring and experienced psychotherapy treatment for children, adolescents and adults.